How to watch Al Jazeera on Samsung Smart TV?

In this article, we will tell you how to get Al Jazeera on Samsung Smart TV. Before this, we must understand a bit about Al Jazeera. It is an international Arabic News channel funded by the Qatari government and operated by the media conglomerate Al Jazeera Media Network. Al Jazeera was established in 1996 by Hamad BinKhalifa Al Thani. It is compatible with a wide range of devices-

Supported devices-

  1. Samsung Smart TV
  2. Roku
  3. Apple TV
  4. Sony Bravia
  5. Amazon Fire TV
  6. LG TVs
  7. Xbox
  8. Virgin media
  9. Android TV

How to stream Al Jazeera on Samsung Smart TV?

Step 1: – First, plug in your Samsung Smart TV to the power switch.

Step 2: – Connect your Samsung Smart TV to the active internet connection.

Step 3: – Navigate the home button/smart hub button on your TV remote and tap it.

Step 4: – Go to the Apps option under the menu panel.

Step 5: – Click on the search icon on the top bar and type “Al Jazeera” on the search field by using the Samsung TV remote.

Step 6: – Navigate the Al Jazeera app on the suggestion list and select it.

Step 7: – Now you will be promoted to the Al Jazeera app page, and select the install button.

Al jazeera on Samsung Smart TV

Step 8: – Once your installation process finishes, a notification will pop up on your screen, and click on the OK.

Step 9: – Then launch the Al Jazeera app.

Step 10: – Now you have to submit your Al Jazeera account credentials in the following field.

Step 11: – Enjoy Al Jazeera on Samsung Smart TV.


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  1. i’m in the US and Al Jazeera App is not available in Samsung Smart TV store. Many Arabic apps are there. Why? I can get Al Jazeera online and on the TV that uses Roku.


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