How to stream Peloton app on Samsung Smart TV?

Peloton is a fitness app for smartphones and Smart TVs. It offers many workout exercises, tasks, and workout sessions on your device. You can learn and enhance your physical knowledge with the Peloton daily sessions. It has two types of membership plans (1)- Digital membership. (2)-All-access membership. The Digital Membership costs you around $12.99 per month and on the other hand, All-access membership costs you around $39 per month. With All-access membership, you can interact with other members, and allows you to post metrics. This guide helps you to install the Peloton app on Samsung Smart TV.


  1. With the Peloton app, you can interact with a World-class instructor.
  2. It provides all types of sessions.
  3. On-demand shows are also available.
  4. 30 days free trial.
  5. Live session is also available.

Is the Peloton app available on Samsung Smart TV?

Currently, the Peloton app is not available on Samsung Smart TV. However, the Peloton app is available for Android TV, Apple TV, and mobile phone.

You need to follow another path to stream the Peloton app on Samsung Smart TV. You can browse Peloton from the Samsung TV browser and install it.

How to stream the Peloton app on Samsung Smart TV?

Step 1: – Plug in your Samsung Smart TV to the main switch.

Step 2: – Connect it to a strong Wi-Fi connection.

Step 3: – Press the home button on your TV remote to get a home menu on your TV screen.

Step 4: – Scroll right side and select the Samsung browser on the menu.

Step 5: – Search for the Peloton Digital app on your browser.

Step 6: – Select the Peloton app and click on the install option.

Step 7: – Once your app will be installed, launch the app.

Step 8: – Now login with your account credentials to access the Peloton app.

Step 9: – Then you have to select your payment method and pay the subscription plan.

Step 10: – After this, you can access all the content of the Peloton app on Samsung Smart TV.


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