How to watch UKTV Play on Samsung Smart TV?

This guide helps you to install and activate UKTV Play on Samsung Smart TV. UKTV Play is a free platform from UKTV. It telecast movies, dramas, serials, original shows, and much more for its users. It supports a large number of devices.

Device Supports-


Amazon Fire TV

Samsung Smart TV

Apple TV





How to install UKTV Play on Samsung Smart TV?

Step 1- Plug in your Samsung TV power cable to the main switchboard.

Step 2- Make sure your Samsung Smart TV must be connected to the active internet.

Step 3- Press the home button on your Samsung TV remote.

Step 4- A small screen will pop up from the bottom of your screen.

Step 5- Now scroll to the left side and click on the Apps.

Step 6- Go to the search option (magnifier) on the top screen.

Step 7- Type the UKTV Play name in the search field with the help of the Samsung TV remote.

Step 8- Select the UKTV Play app from the top.

Step 9- You will be redirected to the UKTV Play app page, then click on the install button.

Step 10- Your installing process will finish in few minutes then click on the ok button.

Step 11- Launch the UKTV Play app.

Step 12- You have to sign in with your UKTV Play account (If you don’t have any earlier account, then create your UKTV Play account).

Step 13- After signing account on UKTV Play, you will receive a 5 digit activation code on your Samsung Smart TV.

How to activate UKTV Play on Samsung Smart TV?

Step 14- Now launch any browser on your mobile or computer.

Step 15- Visit from the browser.

Step 16- You need to sign in with the same account.

Step 17- Then you will be asked to submit the given 5 digit activation code in the respective field.

Step 18- After submitting the code, tap on the sign-in on your TV.

Step 19- Your screen will be refreshed automatically.

Step 20- Now you can stream UKTV Play on Samsung Smart TV.

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Alternative ways to stream UKTV Play on Samsung Smart TV-

You can also watch UKTV Play on Samsung TV by using Google Chromecast device.

Step 1- Plug in your Chromecast device to the power switch.

Step 2- Connect your device to the HDMI port of your Samsung Smart TV.

Step 3- Make sure your Chromecast and mobile device should be connected to the same Wi-Fi connection.

Step 4- Move on to your mobile, scroll down your screen and navigate the cast option.

Step 5- Your device will search all the nearby devices for pairing.

Step 6- Select your Chromecast device’s name from the search result.

Step 7- Now your mobile screen will be mirrored on your Samsung TV screen.

Step 8- Launch the UKTV Play app (If you don’t have UKTV Play app, then install it from the Play Store or App Store).

Step 9- Click on any content to watch.

Step 10- Finish.

UKTV Play app stopped working on Samsung Smart TV-

  1. Your internet connection might be fluctuating too much.
  2. Check your internet speed.
  3. Update your UKTV Play app.
  4. Re-install UKTV Play app.
  5. The server is down, so wait some time.

My Samsung Smart TV does not support the UKTV Play app-

You must check your Samsung Smart TV manufactured date. Only 2015 onwards models support UKTV Play app. So your TV might be older than the 2015 model.

Can I watch UKTV Play outside the U.K?

Unfortunately not, the UKTV Play app is currently available within the U.K. You can only access its content within the U.K.


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