How to Stop Samsung TV Plus from Autoplay (FIXED!)

Understanding and Managing Samsung TV Plus Autoplay


Why Does Samsung TV Plus Autoplay?

Samsung TV Plus is a free service pre-installed on many Samsung smart TVs, offering a variety of live TV channels. While this feature is designed to enhance user experience by providing instant access to content, it can be frustrating when it automatically plays every time you turn on your TV. The autoplay feature aims to provide a seamless viewing experience, but not everyone finds it convenient, especially when they prefer to navigate their own content.


Features of Samsung TV Plus


Samsung TV Plus offers numerous live channels, covering genres from news to entertainment, sports, and more. It’s a valuable addition for users who want access to live TV without additional costs. Key features include:

Free Access: No subscription or sign-up required.


Variety of Channels: Hundreds of channels available, including popular news and entertainment networks.


Integrated with Samsung TVs: Seamlessly blends with the TV interface, making it easy to switch between live TV and other apps.


Despite these benefits, the automatic launch of Samsung TV Plus can be a nuisance for those who prefer to choose their content upon turning on their TV.


How to Stop Samsung TV Plus from Automatically Playing


If you find the autoplay feature annoying, follow these steps to disable it:

Step 1: Access the Settings Menu

Turn on your Samsung TV and press the Home button on your remote. Navigate to the Settings menu, usually represented by a gear icon.


Step 2: Navigate to General Settings

In the Settings menu, scroll down and select General.


Step 3: Open Smart Features

Within the General settings, locate and select Smart Features. This section contains various options that control your TV’s smart capabilities.


Step 4: Disable Samsung TV Plus

Look for the Samsung TV Plus option within the Smart Features menu. Toggle this option to Off to prevent it from starting automatically.


Step 5: Check for Autoplay Settings

Depending on your TV model, there might be an additional Autoplay setting within the General settings. If present, ensure this option is also turned off.

Additional Measures

If the above steps don’t resolve the issue, consider these additional measures:

Remove the Samsung TV Plus App: Go to the Apps section, find Samsung TV Plus, and uninstall it. This will remove the app from your TV entirely.


Update Your TV’s Firmware: Ensure your TV’s software is up to date. Navigate to the Support section in the Settings menu and check for software updates. Keeping your TV updated can help resolve bugs and improve functionality.


Contact Samsung Support: If you continue to experience issues, contacting Samsung Support might provide additional solutions or insights tailored to your specific TV model.


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Disabling the autoplay feature of Samsung TV Plus can greatly enhance your viewing experience by giving you control over what appears on your screen when you power up your TV. By following the steps outlined above, you can prevent unwanted content from automatically playing and enjoy a more personalized TV experience.

For more detailed guidance or further assistance, consider reaching out to Samsung Support. Enjoy a hassle-free viewing experience with your Samsung TV!

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