Easy ways to fix the Paramount Plus app not working on Samsung TV.

This morning I was streaming Paramount Plus on my Samsung TV. Initially, everything was going well, but after some time Paramount Plus got stuck and started loading continuously. Even after I relaunched it, the Paramount Plus app is still on load. I surfed about it in google then I got the reason and solution behind it.

Therefore, today I will share all the easy ways to fix Paramount plus not working on Samsung TV problems.

Why Paramount Plus app not working on Samsung TV?

There can be many reasons why your Paramount plus app not working on Samsung TV, here we mention a few common reasons.

  • Temporary bugs-
  • Corrupted data and cache
  • The Internet connection is not stable.
  • Slow internet
  • Expired Paramount Plus subscription
  • Outdated firmware
  • An old version of the Paramount plus app
  • Incorrect TV settings

How to fix the Paramount plus app not working on Samsung Smart TV problem?

Here we state the following methods to solve Paramount Plus not working or loading problem. The starting methods are quite simple and common. These steps may not seem so correct and efficient, but many users have claimed that many times such problems are easily solved with these simple methods.

Restart your Paramount Plus app-

Most of the time, this type of problem can occur due to bugs and temporary bugs. These bugs continuously conflict with the app and create problems like not loading Paramount Plus app on Samsung TV.

These errors can be easy to handle, you only have to restart your app. So that your app automatically clears those temporary bugs from the app.

Reboot your Samsung Smart TV-

Many users claimed that they fix the Paramount Plus app not working on Samsung TV by just simply rebooting Samsung TV. Yes, you heard right sometimes a cold reset can perform a big impact on this type of problem.

There can be corrupted system settings or vulnerable bugs that create problems like not loading Paramount Plus app. By rebooting the device, you get a fresh start.

Step 1: – Press the power button on your TV controller.

Step 2: – You can also plug out your main cord from the main switch.

Step 3: – Wait for a few minutes.

Step 4: – Then plug in your main cord.

Step 5: – Turn on your TV.

Step 6: – Launch the Paramount Plus app.

If still, Paramount Plus app is not loading, then go ahead with our next steps.

Check your internet connection-

As you know, the Paramount Plus app is an online app (that means you need an internet connection to stream or access Paramount Plus content). Not only internet connection required, but a fast internet speed is also required. Because sometimes due to slow internet speed your content will not load properly and create a problem like the Paramount plus app not working on Samsung TV.

  • At least you need 3mb/s speed to surf Paramount Plus content on normal quality.
  • For watching in HD quality, your speed must be above 5mb/s.

Method 1: – Check your internet connection.

Method 2: – Restart your router.

Method 3: – Make sure your Samsung TV is within a good range of Wi-Fi.

Method 4: – Try any other router or mobile network.

Method 5: – Clear all the obstacles between Samsung TV and the router.

Check Paramount Plus subscription-

Make sure your Paramount Plus subscription plan is up to date. Go to your Paramount Plus app and visit the Profile field.

  • Now navigate the Billing section and select it.
  • Check your billing date.
  • If your date is pending or expire, then recharge it.
  • Once you subscribe the Paramount Plus, then launch the app.

Re-install your paramount Plus app-

If you try all other steps and still do not get any solution then you can try this step.

There can be corrupted data on your Paramount Plus app that conflict while loading the app. The best and easy way to clear corrupted data is to re-install the app.

Step 1: – Go to the Apps from the main menu.

Step 2: – Hunt for the Paramount Plus app.

Step 3: – Tap on the Paramount Plus app.

Step 4: – On the Drop-down menu, select the Reinstall option.

Step 5: – It takes a few seconds to complete the whole process.

Step 6: – Once your app will re-installed, then launch the app and log in with your account credentials.

Update your Samsung TV firmware to the latest version-

Just like you need the latest version of the app, a Samsung TV firmware update will often solve your Paramount Plus not working problem. Older version firmware is not much compatible with your apps and creates a lot of mess.


Step 1: – Go to Settings from the main menu.

Step 2: – Click on the support option.

Step 3: – Select the Software Update option from the support menu.

Step 4: – Then click on the Update Now option.

Step 5: – Now launch the Paramount Plus to check whether the problem is fixed or not.

Reset your Samsung TV-

Incorrect TV settings can also interrupt while streaming any app. So, make sure all the settings and functions will be correct and functioning. Therefore, reset all the TV settings to watch Paramount.

Step 1: – Go to your TV settings.

Step 2: – Visit the Support option.

Step 3: – Select the Self Diagnosis option.

Step 4: – Click on the Reset option.

Step 5: – Enter 0000 in the given field and your reset process will start.

Step6: – Once your TV will be reset then launch the app.

Customer service of Paramount-

If you still did not get any solution, then you should definitely contact them regarding your problem.

Just visit the official website of paramount plus and go to the contact area. Mention all your problems like Paramount Plus not loading or stuck while launching.


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