How to install Flash Player on Samsung Smart TV?

Flash Player is software that allows users to access multimedia contents, applications, internet games, streaming videos, and many flash applications. It was created by Macromedia, then Adobe owned the whole Flash Player. Flash Player is also known as “Shockwave Flash”. Technically, Flash Player supports videos, flash games, website apps, 3d/2d games, and many more. Now, most of the browsers initially have a flash player by default, so you don’t need to install a flash player. But in the case of your Samsung Smart TV, it does not have any flash player. So you need to install Adobe Flash Player on Samsung smart TV via a USB Flash drive.

As you know that there is no flash player available on your Samsung Smart TV, which does not mean that you cannot install it on your TV. You cannot install it directly on your TV, but you can definitely install it via USB.

How to get Flash Player on Samsung Smart TV?

Step 1- First, go to your computer and make sure your PC has an internet connection.

Step 2- Launch any web browser on your PC.

Step 3- Visit the official website of Adobe to download Adobe Flash Player on your computer.

Step 4- Wait until all downloading process finishes, then locate the .exe firmware file on the recent package.

Step 5- Click on the .exe firmware file and a security warning will pop up on your computer screen. Ignore that warning and proceed to the continue option.

Step 6- Select the Browse option to locate, where the firmware file will be stored on your PC.

Step 7- Unzip all the files in the folder.

Step 8- Connect any USB Flash Drive to your computer’s port.

Step 9- Now open the Adobe Flash Player folder, copy the file and paste it on your USB.

Step 10- Then safely remove your USB Flash drive from your computer.

Note- Make sure you enable the Unknown Source and Developer option on your Samsung TV.

Step 11- Now, move on to your Samsung Smart TV and connect your USB flash drive to Samsung TV’s HDMI port.

Step 12- Your Samsung Smart TV automatically detects a USB Flash drive.

Step 13- Then go to the Software Upgrade option on your Samsung Smart TV.

Step 14- Click on the OK button and the upgrading process will start on your TV. The whole process takes few minutes, so wait until it complete.

Step 15- After completing, your Samsung Smart TV automatically restarts itself.

Step16- Now you have Adobe Flash Player on Samsung smart TV.

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Currently, Adobe no longer supports Adobe Flash Player from December 32, 2020. So you have to find another platform to install Adobe Flash Player on your PC. This guide will help you to install Adobe Flash Player on Samsung Smart TV.


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